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I find it disturbing that most of you seem to be so happy about the surge nerf. If you all are behind anything that is "better" for the game, you'd realize this quite possibly could be what kills it. Moreso, how does it not bother you that instead of fixing the warping, they're taking the lazy, easy way out? They are appeasing some players while totally alienating others, when fixing the problem would appease both. Seems kinda fucked up doesn't it?
Has it occured to you that with the engine they use they may not be able to fix it short of re-writing the engine or that it may not even be possible with current technology to do what PS does and eliminate warping? It bugs me that there are people seem to think it's a simple matter of changing a couple lines of code and warping would just vanish.

I'll freely admit that I don't know if this is the case, because I don't. It would be nice if people didn't act like they know Surge is being changed only because the Devs are "taking the lazy, easy way out" though because it's not known. Honestly I wish they'd just tell us flat out if it's an issue with the engine that they can't fix, to put some of the bitching to rest if nothing else. Although now that I think about it, them saying that wouldn't matter. There are still people who would believe they're just "taking the easy way out".

Oh and btw Hamma - kidRiot is probably the most talented player I've ever seen and played with in PS, so I wouldn't take his opinion lightly. It is one that many of the better players hold.
A large, even an obscenely large kill count as in the case of Kid, does not validate his opinion more than anyone else. Talent at playing the game does not equate to knowing what is the best for the game.

Now aside from that, this:
When a Dev team begins to nerf innovation on the part of the playerbase it's time to move onto a different game.
is a very vauge statment. I'm curious exactly what he is trying to imply here, I mean I could probably guess, but more often than not that leads to misunderstandings and/or backpedaling. I'd love to hear the reasoning behind this statment as, at least to me, it makes very little sense.

As far as his opinion being one that "many of the better players have", you can say the exact same thing about Hamma's opinion, my opinion or anyone elses. There's really no way to prove which one of us is full of crap though. If you want to judge by this poll though, I'd say the majority seems to be happy with how Planetside is going /shrug
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