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[Gobal] SGaoshi: lock cery
[Gobal] WarChimp: A Kilrathi Battle Fleet has moved into the Beta Cluster prepare for defense!
[Gobal] WarChimp: whoops wrong game
[Gobal] Neovik: Prepare the battlestar Galactica for an assault!!!
[Gobal] WarChimp: Does anybody know what game that was? Play Warchimps trivia
[Gobal] TriggerChaoz: Your a retard. Is that the game?
[Gobal] TriggerChoaz: ;P
[Gobal] Revean: its from Wing Commander
[Gobal] WarChimp: SnipesMcCappin answered first! It was Wing Commander
[Gobal] SGaoshi: omg stfu this is bad even for me
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