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Re: The Issue of the 10%-20% Power Differentiation

I've seen a similar sort of thing presented in mag, but in a different way. You could upgrade your gun and make it more accurate or more clip size without negatively effecting any other stat. The way it was setup though made it fairly balanced. you were given a certain number of "Credits" in which you can use for each loadout. so you have 30 "credits" and 20 of those are used in other equipment. your weapons costs 6 "credits" so you have 4 to work with. A grip would cost 2 and a sight would cost 1. now of course you cant have more than one sight or grip on your gun that would be rediculous. All these upgrades were givin access to at a fairly early point in the game. The difference they make is minimal but in reality its mostly cosmetic and may save your life in an extreme case or help you make a longer shot better while making it a little harder to hit closer targets because of the zoom.

The point is it can be done in a balanced way, or it can be done it a way that makes the game completely horrible and grueling experience for new players. I would like to see this in the game if done correctly. But alas I dont think that it is possible to do such a thing so easily so I dont really want to see an attempt in Ps2
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