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Re: The Issue of the 10%-20% Power Differentiation

Originally Posted by MasterChief096 View Post
If I wanted to become more powerful, I either dueled good players until I got better, or I ran training with my outfit until we showed signs of improvement. We never once thought that game mechanics were needed to increase our "power" because we were entitled to it as a result of being veterans.
And that's why this will always be divisive. SOE is probably doing this to both attract the traditional "mmo" fan who is accustomed to direct stat progression and to separate their product from the BF3s of the world.

The question of "Why do people with more practice need more power?" will always be asked. As it stands, that's how the game is going to end up. As players, it's up to us providing feedback to help dev temper the numbers along the way.

I think if lv40 had suddenly unlocked 5% better weapons players would have wept/raged, Auraxis would have exploded, and the servers would have cracked in two. BFR 9000. However, since the gap is in from the start, I think it'l work out ok in PS2. The community, new players at least, will grow up knowing nothing better and, hopefully, the returning PS1 vets will accept it as well.

There will always be a segment that want it banished but not so much that they stop killing each for that next yard of land.
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