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Hits Displayed on Reticle Depict Damage Done

Like many other FPS games, Planetside displays a successful hit on the HUD. Specifically, the "you hit" orange circular flash on the crosshair to display a hit.

This is nice, but doesn't really help you much when trying to work out if you scored a direct hit, or simply scored a glancing hit with splash damage.

Although this might not seem very important to some people, those of us with high latency rarely aim directly at the enemy player model that we want to actually hit (unless they are standing completely still).

Having the "hit-detected" flash on your crosshair flashing a different colour or different size to depict the amount of damage inflicted might be a helpful indicator for a game such as Planetside 2 that is unfortunately going to carry with it a certain amount of lag. (server-side hit detection & 1000+ player battles).

With the new system for headshots and locational damage, i good graphical system for damage indication could be important as well!
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