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Originally Posted by Firejack View Post
I voted for the old Planetside style too. Planetside is an action game not some realistic war simulation. Also, nothing more frustrating for a new player to die before he even knows how/ what/ why.
Unless the game involves small maps, kill cam, and only foot infantry (basically, be CoD) they're going to get a lot of that anyway.

It's safe to assume players new to Planetside will be expecting what is considered the norm in most of today's FPS. That includes a melee attack. Maybe not an insta-gib (though some will complain) but at least some form of it.

If all SOE wanted to cater to were the old PS1 vets happy with PS1, they'd have stuck with just a simple graphics update.

And I agree NewSith. The concept was cool, the execution just sucked. Down fire is meaningless if one can't hit anything 2m away from them.
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