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Re: So, there's weather. What about VIOLENT weather?

Originally Posted by Metalsheep View Post
When you start add "random" elements like lightning strikes, gale force winds, or other effects. Players tend to get really angry because its unpredictable.
This is the major counterpoint in my experience, and I think onwee had the correct answer.
Originally Posted by onwee View Post
All weather effects should be avoidable, and if you go into the weather you should know how it will affect your gameplay.
Operating in severe weather should be a risk that you decide whether or not to take. If storms and weather are predictable in their movement (show them on the map) and their affects then it should be alright if flying into a thunderstorm causes wind to buffet your aircraft, making it difficult to maneuver. Or if the weight of snow makes your vehicle slower to respond The pilot chose that risk. He could have flown around the storm.

Even things like being struck by lightning might be acceptable as long as it follows a transparent ruleset. If lightning always strikes the tallest objects in an area then troops can simply keep out of open fields and off of hilltops. Deviating from those safe areas is a risk that one can choose to take.

The trick is just to make sure that any penalties a player suffers are penalties that they could have avoided. Nobody likes being punished for something that isn't their fault.
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