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Re: Planetside 2 Needs Prone

Planetside 2 is exactly what i'm expecting it to be, nothing like any other FPS out there, and a great sequel to PS1. But saying it's nothing like the first one would be wrong, in a lot of ways they're going to be different- very different, that doesn't constitute it being a shitty modern shooter. With that said not all modern day games need every aspect like you're suggesting, why do you think games, more specifically FPS's nowadays die so quickly? People get bored with the bullshit and retarded abuse of cheesy strategy's.

PS is not like any other game out there, period. Nobody can compare it, and nobody should, it's got a league of it's own no other company can even dream to compete with.

You call it poor mechanics, I call it my favorite FPS Since 2004 when i started playing PC games. It seems like you should stick to your BF since you seem to love the gameplay so much.

Let it go Stew.

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