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Re: Planetside 2 Needs Prone

Originally Posted by mynameismud View Post
ya im done talking to stew. he doesnt operate in a reality with logic or reason. lots of people have given logical arguments for prone that i do not agree with, but at least they use logic and listen to others.
This is 100 % wrong i agree with thing who make sens

If you denied thats planetside 2 isnt anywhere near planetside 1 i dont even know whats to say man

the only thing i could say despite the facts thats whats u seams to say is biaise and you just seams to hate me to not be agree with whats you said

we must understand thats PS2 isnt PS1 and all ive said previously is 100 % rigth and confirme by the dev team

they all said planetside 2 have the modern mechanics shooter and they also said Like battlefield call of duty etc..

Proof here »»»»

tramel clearly explain whiout a doubt that PS2 is MMO first person shooter and he say: «««« first person shooter FIRST so when you get into the game you will feel like your playing any others first person shooter on the market the reaction time the fidelity of it its all the same... it will be the exact same experience thats you have in any other first person shooter

»»» ««««««

these word do not comes from me so

You have sadly said thats those modern shooters are shitty did you mean the gameplay mechanics of those shooter suck ? If yes like ive said you will not like ps2 if you dont like BF . COD , MAG modern gameplay mechanics

i can understand thats u can dislike those its a matter of taste i have some frinds who play cs1.6 because they do not like any new fps game thats their own choice !

so if you think i dont make sens do you i dont know whats to do

i try to be clear as possible did i miss some subtile thing in your languages thats i miss ?
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