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Re: Clans invited to play beta early!

Originally Posted by Dart View Post
I'm not sure it's actually started yet... A player called ConWolv from a blog called "Relentless Gamers" has apparently been invited (he deleted his post on his blog about it but it's still there if you search and he has 6 posts on the PS2 official forums despite the rest of us not being able to view them) however he says he spent last weekend playing the Guild Wars 2 beta. If you were selected from the Interwebs to take part in an elite, first-look beta, wouldn't you be playing it if you had the chance???
We would yes but they perhaps they are running test sessions with such a small group invite.

A number of beta's i've been in have done this at the very start.
Average play time of 2.8hours per day and falling.
Average play time of 2.5hours per day and falling. Need metagame.

Average play time of 2.0hours per day and falling. Need metagame / Continents.

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