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Re: Joining the PS2 Team

Gratz man, and well deserved.

Now, a few things you gotta do once your hooked up:

1. During your time getting up to speed, means level design stuff: Delete the crown!

2. Once your actually in the whole meta game fray: You know as much as any of us vets that Planetside is in fact a pointless game, even more than any other FPS. YOu cannot win the round, as there are no rounds.
So, you know that having a goal is important. Not something you want to archive personally, but something your outfit, and your entire faction, wants to archive. We had that in PS1, global domination.
Something like that is needed in PS2. I trust you to get that done, once you are able.

3. Mind the shift. People will be bitching at you for various stuff, they will yell, insult, whatever. THe usual crap a Gamedev has to put up with. Dont let that get you down. Remember that us old timers who knew you from PSU, reddit and the official forums before you went Dev are still here. And even tho we will bitch at you just the same way as the new folks, we actually like you!

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