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Re: Lets talk about the ressource system. Right now, its borderline Pay to Win

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September - Resource Revamp
There's the issue. Those who are annoyed by the changes are annoyed now. If the 'fix' is in 3 months' time, then maybe the changes in resource cost should have waited until then.

Personally, I would be fine with very expensive vehicles if vehicles had any survivability. Currently, they die too easily - in my opinion, a single infantry soldier, even if he/she gets the drop on a tank from the rear, should have a very low chance of destroying it. A big part of this problem are tank mines - they should be cheap, numerous and weak, instead of a big all-or-nothing investment. Each engineer should be able to place a minefield of 15+ mines, all of which are small and hard to detect. You'd need ~10 direct hits to kill a stock MBT.

Strong, rare vehicles - that's what I want. Currently, the resource costs enforce the rare part, but the vehicles themselves do not live up. Only the Flash should be vulnerable to a single missile/mine. Other vehicles should require concentrated effort to down them.

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Not going to comment on boosts, sorry.

What do you think of infantry, ground, and air all using the same resource?
I would go back to the beta system of polymers, catalysts and alloys, for one. 'Aerospace resources' sounds silly - I prefer the idea of working with raw materials to working with pre-assembled parts, as suggested by the current names. A mix from all three resource pools per item might be nice.

I do like the idea of multiple, separate resources, though. It means that you have more options - for example, you can't build any more heavy vehicles, but you can still pull a MAX. I like that.
What do I want from Planetside 2?
-Defensible bases
-Active transport of resources
-Lattice-like incentives, not restrictions

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