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Re: Lets talk about the ressource system. Right now, its borderline Pay to Win

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Not going to comment on boosts, sorry.

What do you think of infantry, ground, and air all using the same resource?
Just making all the same resource isnt helping really, because thats not the problem.

The main problem of the resource system is that it makes it harder to defend the more you actually have to defend. When you got pushed to your warpgate, you just have a hard time maintaining whatever territorys you still have, because you just cant use as much maxes, C4, vehicles and stuff. Meanwhile, the dudes attacking can use even more stuff, because they get more resources.

I have countless potential new resource systems in mind that would fix this issue, but none of them would be possible as long as you are required to have a personal resource pool, and boosts just force that.

Some guys got the idea of some kind of supply chain. To boil it down to its core: the further away from your warpgate you are, the more expensive vehicles become, and/or the less resources you get out of territorys that far away from your warpgate. While this would in theory greatly reduce the issue, it would complicate the resource system greatly.

I personally want all resources to be an empire wide pool, cross continent even, while infantary resources have a personal pool besides the empire wide pool. With a more complex command system, allowing squad/platoon leaders to claim lead of a given area if they have most/all of their squad/platoon in that area, Squad/platoon leaders could issue a "go all out" order, filling up everyones infantary resource pool by taking those resources from the empire pool. This would allow for last resort options like mass maxcrashes or crazy LA C4 action, or allow to prepare for an incoming attack by laying vast minefields.

To then combat situations where you are about to become warpgated, a resource reserver that automaticly triggers whenever your empire is pushed back far enough and low on resources would do the trick, and allow timed, mass pushes.

I want the resource system something that your entire empire needs to think and care about, or they get into trouble.

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