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Re: "How long will you wait for optimization?" - ReachCast Episode 49 CQ

Originally Posted by Levente View Post
you mad bro? buttheart much? ps2 with all with its flaws is still the best multiplayer experience ever in gaming history. lots of people playing with ps2
I agree. As a local rib shack advertises, "Ain't nothin' like it nowhere!"
Its one of a kind and unique. I can play a million WoW clones or a million arena shooters but this is something different.

That said, I'm gettting impatient for new stuff. I personally don't need optimization because I have a boss rig but I get that a lot of people do. That's fine, just don't stop adding content while you fix your back end. If we get a year after release and there is no new continent I'm afraid even my fanboyness has limits. I know the drive from the warpgate to the crown as well as I know my own commute to work by now. EVERY major MMO (worth its salt) puts out a major landmass update by the end of the first year. A lot of times for free.

I already find myself jumping into Warframe before logging onto PS2 because I know PS2 is going to be the same thing every night. No matter how good a thing is, doing it over and over will get monotonous. When games get boring, people find new games. When people find new games there is a certain inertia that you have to get over before coming back. The only real cure for that inertia is new content. Unfortunately for PS2 there are a lot of companies out there ready to give up the content while SOE keeps dicking around with a half assed, 2/3 finished lattice system and a broken, pointless alert system and no content updates.

Why do I play every faction? Because I genuinely like this game.
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