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Originally Posted by EVILoHOMER View Post
The game died from a typical SOE rush release even though we kept telling them in beta it wasn't ready. It's like how many times SOE? This happens with all your games and YOU DO NOT FUCKING LISTEN TO YOUR BETA TESTERS!
Anyone who hasn't realized this isn't a "problem" on SOE's end is silly. Rushing games out, overhyping them, underdelivering, then pulling support when numbers get low is SOE's BUSINESS MODEL.

They've done it to every game I've ever played from them outside of Everquest 1. (Then again that migth be nostalgia goggles).

Why do they keep doing it? Because they keep making money doing it. Why? Because there are enough people that fall for it every time (myself included). They overhype a game, spend less money than they "should" developing it, less than they "should" supporting it, and rake in as much up-front cash as they can. (I.E: Spend less, charge the same/more = more profit in less time) Then they dump the game and repeat the process with another.

Think about it - why would you turn on in-game cash purchases in BETA? Isn't beta supposed to be about testing the game BEFORE you start asking for money?
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