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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

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Actually yes, because these casuals are playing on the same daily basketball field/server as the NBA players in this game. If you let these NBA stars completely destroy every casual that enters the basketball field, then guess what? Casuals will stay away and your basketball game becomes a ghost town, just like air is atm in the game. They designed basketball leagues for a reason you know.
This is a show match, they didn't align the relative skills perfectly and can't. In order to do that you need an extensive set of matches to show who fits in what leagues. It would be like Das Anfall or Future Crew going up against a similar sized infantry crew, if that crew is mediocre it will be a blow out. We aren't proposing that only a subsection of infantry 12 v 12 are the only amount allowed to fight any any one point on the map are we? The point is 12 top pilots will still blow out 12 semi prepared pilots. We can not force the game to equalize skill between two evenly numbered groups, that more then anything will ruin a game long term.

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