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Re: Werner - Nostalgia

last time i loged on PSwatever was in April 20 coz i has covid (( but i got some true determination like i cant die here now.

dunno if it changed, (im not vaaccinated, just natural, pictural ^^ gispsy never die ? Ah ! lol ..)

the dev Nick may be busy, ... but i played 1 time in march 20, one time in may 20, & development was like STUCK lol, no changes for years....

so i hope he let the server ON for the HART song, but no hope in that project anymore.

like "i log / i feel nostalgia at sancted / let game on.."


it was only HA fights in basements (or AMS random duals)... imagine ur a ghost just here to hack... no hope for the squad (NC)...

=> no balls.

the fun game was bOOmers lol... like i aimed like a spanish COOOO...

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