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Re: 1 empire per account and F2P

This would be a bad idea to implement. It restricts players from experiencing the game from different angles by forcing them down the most inconvenient path possible.

The old method of putting a 12 hour lock on the two empires you did not swap to was a great way to stop constant empire swapping.

If this is a way to try and milk more money from people to pay for different faction weapons and items then that is still a bad idea. People will still spend money on their alts if they enjoy them on the same account. I for one will NOT spend a dime on my alts if I am forced to split money between accounts. I have already bought enough $ in station cash to be worth more than a regular 12 mo. subscription. I would easily buy more if I knew everything I was going to play was on one account to keep everything together.

F2P is a great model, dividing my money between accounts is not a good way to go about it IMO.

In regards to spies: The select few that will do this will not be stopped by a timer, especially in a F2P game. They will make a second and third account and spy like they intended to. It doesn't seem possible to stop this.

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