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Perhaps you know the old saying: "Everyone is entitled to their own set of opinions, but they are not entitled to their own set of facts."

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You and I may disagree on what particular tactics are destructive to the game and which are enjoyable, however it is simply a fact that certain tactics were seen by the community at large as unenjoyable and the overuse of those tactics caused people to leave the game. That isn't based on my own opinion of those tactics, it is based on the voiced expression of players leaving the game because of them.
A popular opinion is still an opinion. One that can be disputed and proven false. More people would do it, but it's so...unpopular...and hard...

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We don't merely "wage war" in Planetside, we play a video game for entertainment. If the only objective in this game had was to turn pixels from one color to another we'd all be ghost hacking 24/7.
People enter conflict for numerous reasons. The overall concept is to prove your superiority to others and walk away intact. Your making the incorrect assumption that "waging war" follows only a single aspect. This is why i do not believe you and i were playing the same game. If we were, you would understand this.

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I couldn't care less about your pity, nor, I suspect, could the 'victims'.
I just said i had none. do they work? Am i right?

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The point of the analogy to the funeral (which MAD brought up) was to draw a parallel to how trolls can ruin gameplay, and my response to it was to note that the community as a whole objected to those trolls. That they (the community) would do so shows that there is indeed a sizable number of players out there who felt there should be a modicum of decorum in the game.
Using a group of trolls that ruined a player-driven event unrealated to the actual game in comparision to the mechanics and meta of Planetside is a pretty poor analogy. You're gonna need to re-think that bit. That being said, i do understand what you're getting at. None of this really matters and people are going to do what they want. This was stated towards the beginning of this thread. All we're doing is dick-measuring and wasting time.

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This thread is directed at those players, not the trolls who will do as they will regardless.
Unless you have some sort of telepathic link to what D2A is ACTUALLY thinking, this is bullshit.

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While I will admit that my impression and description of your personality is unflattering, I mentioned it not as an attack but in order to frame the following sentences, which answered your earlier query as to why the players felt the need to have an in-game funeral for their fallen friend.
Again, all of this predicated on a matter of perception and opinion. Further discussion is an even bigger waste of time than the rest of this thread.

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That the common good is the extended life of Planetside 1 is indeed an opinion, as it happens though, it is a common opinion.
Common to who? So far, its just you and D2A who are debating the matter. Everyone else who's posted (besides me of course) just sort of threw in their two-cents and called it good. Even more are waiting for the flames to erupt.

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That is to say, most of the players who played PS1 enjoyed the game and wanted it to live on as long as possible. Many of those players are hoping that it will be playable again shortly, once it goes F2P, and the point of this thread is to see that it remains playable for as long as possible, because that is in the interest of all of us who will be playing. That it is an interest shared by the majority of players would make it a common interest and working towards it would be what one might call the common good.
I'd call it irrelevant. It should be abundantly clear at this point that you have the authority to do nothing to anyone in any way. Why you wasting your time defending a set of "guidelines" with no point or place in the game you wish to impose them is baffling to me.

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As to which parts of your post I am completely disregarding; I must say, I don't know what part I may have disregarded, but I can understand your irritation at me having skipped over it, as surely it held the entirely of your meaningful argument (as all the parts I did address seem to have been drivel).
Petty, sad, and disapointing.

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You seemed of have misinterpreted my intent in specifically citing (and emphasizing) the lines I quoted from the OP. I didn't quote the guidelines, nor the reason they were posted. I quoted the lines which stated the guidelines are voluntary and are expected not to be upheld by some, but that if they are upheld by many it will be overall beneficial to the game.
Assumption based on a false-positive opinion. Tell yourself this as many times and you feel you need to, but it will not make it a "fact".

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There is some undoubtable irony that you would seem to misread both my words and my intent so shortly after criticizing me for having done so...
More irony.

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While I, as a solitary player, do not have any control over how Planetside dies, the player-base as a whole does have that power.
No. You don't. You, nor anyone else has the authority to make SOE keep Planetsides server up. If they do, it will not be for your benefit. If you do, it will be tertiary at best and basically at SOE's whim anyway.

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So, once again, the point of this thread is to voice ways the player-base can use the power it has to extend the life of the game.
SOE has proven on more than one occasion that your "power" is ineffectual. You have no control over game. At all.

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Well first of all, I am very well aware of reasons to drop a generator, having done it myself very often during my Planetside career (perhaps it escaped your notice, but it actually features prominently in my signature).
I don't know or care who you are. Your signature implies that you are vermin and that you belong to an outfit called DARK, which i have fought against...

Not impressed.

I can also assume that you're an Infiltrator, which means you do less than than a Lodestar pilot, but have somehow deluded yourself into thinking you're more nescessary. Which isn't to say that you aren't. Sabotage plays an important role in conflict. It's just that the suit and the shitty attitude aren't a requirement.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
What's more, I don't believe I ever whined about it in my post, and certainly not so much as to reach an objectionable level.
It reached enough of one for you to support a set of vague (at best) set of "guidelines" on the subject.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
What I did do was note that the Planetside 1 community as a whole recognized that there were times when the generator was dropped and it ruined an otherwise fun fight
So it's ok for you to do it because it's "justified" somehow, but when someone else does it for reasons that you can't possibly fathom, it's lame. Do you see why general rules and guidelines won't work? Why it's pointless? There are too many variables. Too many reasons. Too many paths to take to the "end" result.

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and that those players would frequently show their dismay at having lost that fight by TK'ing the gen dropper
Petty. If it were me, i'd sit there and let you grief lock yourselves. At least then you'd have an excuse to be wasting time.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
Of course, the intent of me bringing this up was to show a case where (despite your assertion to the contrary) the majority of the playerbase was more interested in a fun fight than winning.
Your idea of a "fun fight" is selfish at its core. Where ever you are, you are no where else. There are a lot of places to be in Planetside. Places where you might actually help. Or hell, might even be NEEDED.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
As you point out in your post, the playstyle of the CNs was just to 'steam-roll entire continents' in campaigns that were fun for neither the enemy (you) nor the players on their same empire (SgtMAD's post following yours). The point, therefore, in bringing it up is to show that there are indeed destructive playstyles, and they are better avoided for the overall well being of the game.
It was only destructive because we didn't know how to fight them properly. It isn't too much different than fighting a typical "zerg" outfit, it's just the scale was just so daunting. Combine that their communal and socialist tendencies and get the idea. SgtMAD probably had a worse time with them than i ever did though. From what i gathered, they operated just like The Enclave, or any other group of trolls out there. There were enough of them that they simply didn't need to play/interact with the rest of us. So they didn't.

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While I don't know that I would go so far as to say this is Planetside's only flaw; I would agree that it is a flaw nevertheless. In a perfect world we would expect that SOE would be able to correct the problems of destructive playstyles
I hope to hell you never hold any part of this "correction". You have no idea what you're talking about.

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however as I mentioned very early on in this thread, we cannot expect SOE to do anything about it, therefore it is in our interest to work together as a community to see that as many players as possible disavow such destructive playstyles themselves.
Matter of opinion, not saving anything, not a hero...etc. Could you be more of an arrogant jackass?

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
In so far as you offered a response, I certainly engaged it. I stated (openly, and without diversion) that you are certainly entitle to play in whatever fashion you so choose, however if the majority of PS1 players choose to play in such a selfish manner it will be to the detriment of the game overall.
See? There you go again. You're not Planetside's fucking messiah. Neither is D2A. The game isn't going to magically fall apart because not everyone agrees with you.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I completely disagree with the assertion that every bit of fun derived from Planetside comes at the expense of someone else's. In truth, some of the best fights I ever played in were fights we ultimately lost.
I've had some of these too. They are usually far and few between though. I'll bear an ass-whopping, so long as there is something to learn from it. Utimately though, there is a threshold. After that point, i'd be lying to myself if said that i liked losing.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
The point of the game is to have fun fighting, not mere winning. After all, if all I wanted to do was 'win' I could sub-up right now and spend hours upon hours winning my way across Auraxis with no troublesome enemies trying to fight me. The fun comes from the fight, not merely the outcome, and if a positive outcome comes at the expense of a good fight, the community as a whole would often express their disapproval (see: above references to gen blowing)
As i stated above, there are many aspects to Planetsides' conflict. There are multiple ways to "win". Also, as stated above, your concept of a "fun fight" is also a matter of opinion. It is also, as stated previously, derived at the expense of someone else's "fun".

In order to have your "fun fight", there are fewer people to participate in another "fun fight". One that might actually result in "victory", as hollow as it may be. Because you are incapable of working with the community-at-large due to your selfish concepts and "guidlines", you have weaked the collective as a whole. Consensus, whether it be imposed passively or actively, through writ or word, makes one inflexible in their own actions. Actions are what determine concepts such as "guidlines" or "rules". They have no substance without them. How do you think your list even came to be in the first place? Ponderous amounts of intro/intraspective thought? A well-worded, flowery, eloquent, wall of text on a forum? No. It did not.

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All evidence presented thus far would lead me to believe you will in fact not 'get' me, but I suppose over centuries even a small stream can crack mountains; I must admit though I wouldn't expect it to happen before the Second Coming.

The attitude oozing from this quote, your entire post (and future posts, i imagine) is exactly why i will "get" you.

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Oh PSU forums, how I have missed you.
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Wats goin on in here guyz

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Mightymouser. Hi. I miss you. All the homo.

Please disregard Godless.

Secant, you know he won't.

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