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Re: PS Code of Honor Pact

This is ridiculous, all of it, you would think the Pope & Charles Darwin were arguing philosophically. I understand everyone is passionate and that this post isn't going to stop that, but I'm pretty sure the point of threads are to discuss the topics at hand, not your petty arguments which would be best spent messaging each other than letting your argument spill over onto the thread where people which actually want to discuss. My English writing to argue essays are shorter and less detailed than this; & now I feel like a hypocrite because I'm just getting as judgmental and angry as some people have acted.

But onto the topic at hand...

I appreciate the effort you put into this thread. Honestly I hope I get a good few weeks out of this server, I was 7 when it came out & it was my first video game, I'm not a very 'nerdy' (sorry if that offends) person so if I ever played a game it was this half the time. I never really noticed the cheats or how unbalanced it was, I thought Core Combat & the caves were cool so I'm sad to see them go. Hopefully someone will think twice before ruining it for everyone else.
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