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Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
What a vapid statement, there's nothing really to respond to there, except that if something can be proven false, it is by definition not an opinion.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
People play video games to be entertained.
There are multiple ways of being entertained in a video game. This concept must be hard to wrap your head around, because we have dicussed this point to death.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I didn't bring up the analogy, I simply expanded upon it because I think it is in fact quite apt at showing the community's reaction to a violation of 'eHonor' and therefore their inherent willingness to accept and uphold some level of a 'code' for the greater good of the game.
A matter of perception and opinion. Your "expansion" of the analogy still doesn't work.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I don't need a telepathic link to D2A to know the intent of the thread when the intent of the thread is written out quite clearly in the OP. I realize from your response to D2A's post that you seem to have some paranoia issues and that you 'don't believe that reason is as benign as [he is] attempting to make it look.' However, I am not operating under any such delusional state and am quite ready to believe D2A's stated purpose for the thread, which is convenient as it coincides with my own purpose for responding to the thread...
At this point, i'm not really arguing over this list of "guidelines" anymore. They're vague at best, and utterly unrealistic at worst. I'm after you and D2A now. People create rules for a reason. In this case, it's because you two believe that you are authority figures of some sort. Otherwise, you wouldn't have bothered. Since i seem to lack the vocabulary to explain this correctly, let's try a little math...

Mightymouser + D2A = Al Gore

This is why even starting this thread was a waste of time, why you arguing with me is a waste of time, and why i'm going to butt-fuck you in text-form until you just be quiet.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I'm sorry, are you actually arguing that it is not in the interest of all of PlanetSide 1's players that the game continues to exist and maintain a playerbase? This is really just getting silly now...
No. I'm arguing that despite this apparent mass outcry, all i see are two people genuinely arguing the point. Neither of you are even doing that great of a job either. What does this say about your entire movement if you two pud-whackers are the best your collective has to offer?


Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
Yet again, no one is trying to 'impose' anything.
Yes. You are. In a passive aggressive, guilt laced pile of visual diarrhea. If we follow your rules, then we have fun. If we don't? We destroy Planetside...


Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I take your lack of being able to quote any overlooked or 'disregarded' portions of your previous posts to mean that I indeed did not overlook any. That is indeed sad and disappointing, as it means your argument is just as insipid and empty as I had feared.
Grasping at straws. Desperation stinks like bitch. You reek of it.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I'm confused as to what exactly you are arguing here? That it is somehow not a fact that I quoted and emphasized the specified portions of the OP? Or that you completely failed to address them? Both points seem to be entirely verifiable from your post.
I'm saying that you have no actual facts to support anything you said. You're just assuming they are for...who knows what reason?

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
SOE has the power to shut the servers down. However, as I noted in the lines you bizarrely decided to delete from the quote, when PS1 dies it will likely not be because SOE shuts the servers down, but rather because the community stops playing (as the current state of the PS1 server exemplifies)
Planetside is an expendable novelty item to SOE. Should even the slightest bit of shit hit the fan, what do you think will go first?

People stopped playing because the game costs a monthly fee they can't justify. Over time, it can add up. They also stopped because certain aspects/game mechanics were poorly implemented. That's about it. Reasons beyond that are a revolving door.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I'm not entirely sure what all that hot air is supposed to mean
Let me help you:

-Outstanding Infiltrators are hard to come by, you are not one of them.
-Your outfit, at least from what i've seen, is about as gray, amorphous, and unremarkable as the spooge stains i leave in a wad of tissue paper every night. The tie-in here is that both could be discarded and no one would care.
-The signature at the bottom of your posts is dumb.
-Beyond this thread, i have no real idea who you are.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
except that you seem to be trying to attack my in game abilities and/or play style. You seem to be using words you don't fully understand, for example to say I have deluded myself into thinking something would imply that the something I have deluded myself into thinking is not true, it is incongruent to then state " Which isn't to say that you aren't." Because that is, indeed, exactly what you've just said. Perhaps this would be easier if you limited yourself to a vocabulary with which you are fully comfortable. At any rate, both my play style and abilities therein are moderately well known, and I feel no concern for your opinion of either.
I am baiting a giant hook. That's all.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
The point of general rules and guidelines is to address exactly that problem, to give a space for discussion as to what qualifies a 'justifiable' circumstance in which to drop a gen so that fights are not constantly and consistently preemptively ended in a manner which ruins the fun of players on both sides of a fight.
This is not possible. The reasons are too varied and you're not capable of outlining them all. That much is certain.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
There is no reason to attempt to layout and account for all the variables, nor to attempt to ensure that everyone is always satisfied that the guidelines have been upheld
Yes there is. If the potential here is for these "guidelines" to become a more concreate way of acting, then everyone and everything involved should be satisfied and accounted for. This is why you're not capable.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
In such an event everyone just has to deal with that in their own way, however if the existence and promotion of these guidelines can extend the life and fun of even one fight, they're worth it.
You do understand that Planetside is a game of prepetual conflict, right? There is always more than one battle occuring, always another fight on the horizon. Another chance for a moment of glory, honor, or the thrill of the kill. Yet, here you are focusing on this one, isolated, almost non-existent moment.

I pity you. The game is over a decade old and you missed almost all of it.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
(To say nothing of the personal entertainment I have had obliterating your 'arguments' in this thread so far).
Buckle up, bud. I haven't even shifted out of first yet.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I never promoting the idea of TK'ing gen droppers, I pointing to the practice as evidence of the community's opinion of the practice.
Yes. Because the community at large is supremely informed and oozing with foresight in the middle of virtual armed conflict...

Or at all....

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
Selfish, how? Because I am promoting entertaining fights in a video game the sole intention of which is to provide entertainment? The mental gymnastics you had to preform to reach that conclusion should be an Olympic Sport.
Planetside players will find their own entertainment from the game. I can assure you they will not need your invaluable services. Be sure to offer it as often as possible though. There might a be a few that fall through the cracks that absolutely require someone like you to imply "right" or "wrong" decision-making in a VIDEO GAME.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
They were destructive because the fights they generated were not fun to participate in, and therefore people left the game.
At first? Yes, they were. Shock and awe have that effect at first.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
As for my being part of SOE's correction (which I already noted I don't believe will ever take place),
So if they won't do it, and you, nor anyone else involved in your "changes" has the authority to do it...why?

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I already have a pretty well paying day-job, I don't anticipate going to work for SOE any time soon, you can rest easy.
Not really what i meant, but it's adorable you went there. More desperation.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
Have you devolved to the point that you can no longer form coherent thoughts and sentences?
You have a recurring pattern in the things you say. I got the key points down and figured you'd get rest. I apologize for my assumption.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I've never stated that everyone need agree with me, certainly they do not.
You said this.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
What I have stated is that if players maintain playstyles that bring about fights which aren't fun to play in, other players will leave; if too many players choose to maintain such playstyles the game will suffer. This is a fact.
Then, said this! BRILLIANT!

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
You don't have to agree with me and are "entitled" to your "opinion"...but if you don't, then you "ruin" everything because I CAN'T POSSIBLY BE WRONG!!!! I'M A SOMEBODY!
Creepy. It's like i AM you...


Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
If a fight is fun for both sides fighting in it, it's continuation need not detract from anyone else's fun. Preemptively ending such a fight on the other hand deprives all parties of said fun.
You are making a huge and horribly incorrect leap in "logic" here.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
Wow, lay off the thesaurus there; you're clearly using words you don't fully understand. You cannot in one breath call me selfish and unable to work with the community as a whole, and in the following decry the follies of a consensus. A writ is something formally written, so "writ or word" is a meaningless distinction. To say that actions determine guidelines is arguing an undisputed point; this list was derived from play styles D2A observed in PS1 which resulted in less-than-fun fights (as measured by the fact that they caused people to leave the game). Intraspective simply isn't a word.
Now you're nit-picking. More desperation. Also, deflection. I do apologize for not busting out my thesaurus though. I'd certainly hate to bother you through the use of words that don't exist and distinctions that make no sense...that would be rude.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
You've reached the point that you are arguing just to argue.
Partially. There are more reasons, to be sure.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I could say the sky is blue, and you would undoubtedly come back with some bizarre statement like: "That's just your opinion. The sky isn't blue; it's a light shade of purple."
You're so close to understanding it's making my balls twitch.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
While I will admit some pleasure at pulling apart the absurdity of your responses, it has reached a point of pitiful. Do yourself a favor and just walk away; you're only making yourself look more foolish with each response.
Irony. Desperation.

I won't be going anywhere. I've got so much to do...

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