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Originally Posted by Death2All View Post
I honestly have no words. Last time I posted this people simply posted "signed" as in to imply they agree or they furthered the discussion into what is considered a "lame" playstyle or not. Some points were argued upon, but not into the shitfest that this has evolved into. I don't understand nor did I expect the inexplicable resentment. It's just derailed into pointless trolling by this point.

Cliffnotes version of the thread:
  • PS1 is going F2P soon
  • There probably won't be that many people back, so let's try and have a good time
  • Here's some stuff that makes it not a good time
  • What do you guys think
  • Why?

And it's all gone to shit from there. I think this is one of those theoretical examples of an infinite number of monkeys typing on typewriters and one of them eventually types out Shakespeare. Only in this situation it's not Shakespeare, it's just nonsensical, contrived, bullshit.
This is all your fault. Own up to being an idiot at least, would ya?
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