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As for the Honor pact, in my opinion D2A and MightyMouser have a point, in that the pact is the "ideal" way to play planetside. It is the most fun and "fairest" way to play the game according to the majority of players. That being said, in my experience most people curse anyone who plays "lamely" (blowing gen/over use of max ect) to ruin their farm BUT when they are the ones being farmed they'll do the exact same thing they just condemned. Hypocrisy thy name is EVERYONEWHOPLAYSPLANETSIDE.

GodlessHeretic also has a point, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm going to try and put it in a different way than you did. He is asking "why would I not play lame to win a base." Let's face it, no one likes being the people constantly getting killed when invading a base. It sucks, you hardly get any kills, you die loads (and since you're spawning at ams' spawning takes FOREVER), and it's just not a fun experience. You can be the best player in the game and barely pull out a 1:1 k/d (yes k/d is stupid if you want a good one go play an Arena FPS, still though no one likes dying). So why would anyone not want to just get that hellish experience over with as fast as they can.

Solution #1) try your best not to act lame. I know, I know D2A that was your whole point at making the list. For some reason you asking this was seen as you demanding everyone comply. I don't know why, Heretic is probably just playing devil's advocate (and doing a really find job at that). People are going to play lame, it's just how video games work. And just because the majority of people will agree that this list defines lame play, doesn't mean everyone does.

Solution #2) Stop complaining. Simple as that. Planetside is a war based game and people play to win. And if you're in anything but a bio-lab and your gen get's blown that is your own damn fault unless router exploit. Also for the love of God. If you are holding a bio-lab the gen is going to go down, sure it sucks, but it's a bio-lab. Don't bitch and complain. It's been 10 years, it's a bio-lab, it's going to happen.
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For the record, those PS1 vets you're refering to include myself as well. I'm just a very well kept secret. Like an STD...or a crooked dick.
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