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Re: UES Interview with Matt Higby

Originally Posted by Higby View Post
Animations are only a part (and not even the hard part) of doing vehicle entrance/exit animations. We'd have to literally redo the art for all of the vehicle models, attachments and textures to support it, repacking and atlasing the texture sheets,etc. It would take a couple months of dedicated work from a few different people to do. The limitation is not really about animator time, run animations are 100% animator time.
Missed this post somehow. If/when you do redo vehicles can you please break them into components. If you have the windows animate for instance allow them to be destroyed and other parts. I was really hoping to see something like this in PS2 to make aiming certain weapons in certain places important. Not just aircraft, like the engines and windows, but a tank with sidegrades on the outside or weakpoints that can be individually targetted. Same for say a sunderer's ams sidegrade. I digress as this was all mentioned years ago.
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