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Originally Posted by PredatorFour View Post
Tip dont logout! Lol No need to get ejector seat just make sure you get them and if there's more of them, it don't matter if they kill you really does it. You were going to suicide anyway which is a death.
Eh, right... But its not about your K/D its about denying the enemy exp, IE certs.

Originally Posted by EvilNinjadude View Post
What about the REDEPLOY? Redeploy is meant to not affect your death stat in any way... so what if someone rolls LA, jumps out of the aircraft, lands and redeploys? Will that be an "credited kill" if you damaged his aircraft?

What if non-LA players notice they're taking damage, so they start redeploying, then exit their vehicle with one or two seconds to go... they would have died, but they redeployed, so kill credited or not?
A redeploy count down is reseted if you take damage. But if you jump out and don't die then redeploy then I can not see way it would count as a death. I can't see anything wrong with using a "ghetto parachute" to cheat the enemy out of a kill. The ESF can just "lolpod" you if he likes anyway.

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