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Re: An XP change in GU13

i like the anti asshat xp denial patch so far, but we really need a dynamic xp distribution!

take a look at ps1 (sigh, again)!

shared xp for squads,
a really really great and refined support xp system that is not exploitable
shared xp for vehicle crew (minus passenger only seats)
dynamic xp for basecaptures based on amount of enemies and action.

those were perfect systems that rewarded the playstyles the game was meant to be played with!

WHY is nothing of this present in ps2?

i am especially pissed about the stupid approach of the support xp in ps2, and the lack of xp sharing! because it forces me to do what i don´t want to do, in order to get certs. i just can´t be a fulltime supporter and get a fair reward for it in ps2.

also, increase ALL hitpoints by 100%. the TTK is too low to balance anything right.
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