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Originally Posted by Sunrock View Post
A redeploy count down is reseted if you take damage. But if you jump out and don't die then redeploy then I can not see way it would count as a death. I can't see anything wrong with using a "ghetto parachute" to cheat the enemy out of a kill. The ESF can just "lolpod" you if he likes anyway.
I meant my whole post to go together as one argument. If/then style. My Opinion:

If you survived the fall because of LA, and the aircraft flies off, you get to live and should be able to redeploy without the enemy getting the kill.
If you survived the fall because of LA, but you redeploy before the enemy can take you down (because you activated the countdown while airborne, making you a tiny target for lolpods etc.). Do you deserve to live without enemy getting kill credit?
If you would not have survived the fall, but redeployed while airborne (dunno if that's even possible, never tried it, better things to do), then I think the enemy does deserve kill credit.

The first and last are clear opinions on my part. It's when things get sorta muddled in the middle that I'm uncertain.

PS: Does your aircraft taking damage reset the redeploy counter? What if you're quite damaged, run to a weird corner of the map waiting for the timer to count down and redeploy you?
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