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Re: Why I quit PS1

ive tea bagged so many fools crouched behind a tree with their cud out and killed them, seems like a counter to me.

the CR system having no form of required maintainence (you dont have to stay on say the top 10 for the leaderboards or whatever) is what's broken, EMP/OS is only somewhat overbearing considdering it runs off it's own resources (meaning you dont lose an implant slot or cert points for it) but other than that the idea is fine, learn to play.

Now, the real problem, these super steroid flying mike tyson reavers got way overbuffed.

I remember getting killed by one after making 2 direct unguided hits and one camera splash hit using a deci. He was getting hit by a cerb I put down when I saw him coming too so he had like a sliver of health left when he got me. while I was respawning he said he was impressed and noted that if it were pre buff I would have won.
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