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Rough Estimate on Release Date?

This is my first post here and I don't mean to stir a hornet's nest of flame for asking questions which have no concrete answers, but...

for those who've been watching video games come and go over the years or have an inkling into how long the life cycle usually takes: what can we expect.

I'm asking -- by drawing from some of your guys past knowledge (whether in the industry or not) what do you think we can expect in terms of a release date based on where the game is now?

I played PS in beta but forgot how long it was in that phase till the game went live. Anyone remember?

I'm hoping by getting ya'lls feedback we can sort of put together our own rough timeline based on mean answers (okay, I'm an engineer by actual trade).

Lastly, what up forums! I've swooped on here from time to time for my PS2 updates but I can't just be on the sidelines any longer. Time to reactivate my account...

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