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Re: Rough Estimate on Release Date?

I'm leaning towards early 2nd quarter 2012 for actual release. Though as you can tell from the responses, who the hell knows. A few things I'm guessing are in it's favor for release within a year are the fact it's available for pre-order on several sites, the level of polish in the gameplay for the trailer, and the fact that it's a sequel which may make it easier for them to test as opposed to a brand new concept. A lot of the idea work and such is already their.

I'm hoping for earlier but like people said, I don't want a rushed final product. It really depends on how much they have already done internally. They may have an almost ready to go game for the most part and just need to work to pop it out to see how it performs large scale. Also it depends on how much of what they have planned is at release and how much comes as part of the 3 year plan.

So short answer - it's anybodies guess right now.
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