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Re: My main concern about the class system

In defense of that Classes COULD be:

The Devs have placed a high value on customization, we've heard it, and I think most of us agree we like what we've heard so far.

One of the main issues with high levels of customization if that many people will attempt to build exploitative or unfair combinations of skills. An example of that no one wants to see is a heavy soldier with heavy assault and also having a "jump-pack" aka jetpack. I think this combination is largely behind the fear that jetpacks have.

The Devs have a few solutions, one is if they were to have no Jump-Packs at all, which is kind of a let down in the sense that it removes so many possibilities before they are given a chance. Another option is to make them so weak (aka nerf them) that no one will pick up that skill in a mass population sense, so why have them and continue to have them in the balance equation. The best option that comes to mind is the have some "skills" not be compatible with each other at all, aka you can't have heavy assault AND a jump-pack, period.

Quickly you'll see a web of conflicting "skills" in where you can't use A, while you use B, etc. So to solve this issue you just make certain unique "skills" be the defining skill for a Class, aka Scouts have a jump-pack as default or as one of their class only tree options. Then you can build on each class with as many customizationas you want in an easier to understand framework, it isn't as clear that you can't use your "Flamethrower" with a "jump-pack" if it was just freeform cert "webs", vs it being slightly more clear that Scouts can't use that tier of heavy weapon due to all of the reasons that can be derived, it just feels better.

So if you follow all of that, I believe this is the main thought behind Planetside 2 classes. Unique starting points, each with subtle or not so subtle features to them that you can then build on top of and shape into what you want them to be.

Some final examples might be: A wall breaching scout with his skills learned in such a way that helps him assault the ramparts around a tower or base, vs a scout that learns Sniper skills and uses his jump-pack to get up to higher and better sniping spots. Both a scout "class", yet they couldn't be much more different in their roles. etc etc, for other "classes" if it turns out working out like this, which is how I feel they are hinting at.
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