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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

@discussion going on a few pages back: Other games have headshots and low TTKs, because there's at most a couple out of all the 64 players sniping. But when I play CoD with someone who isn't familiar with the game, it's just impossible for them to practice duels and aiming because by the time they see me - if they even do - they're already dead. In PS2, they really won't see people coming. And small groups and loners just don't know where to look first.

Here you could have 30 snipers on one ridge. One of them will hit.

For instance, you may recall how in PS1 Thunderers could NOT hit an aircraft reliably? At all? But would do great damage if they would? We ran 9 Thunderers once. BFRs and aircraft alike would get instagibbed simply because of the volume of fire.

PS2 has more zerg. So to then lower the TTK and provide more area of effect one shot kills vehicles per capita is simply asking new players to be raped.

Especially in combination with this base design stuff. It is very intimidating to then get spawncamped too and just don't know how to get out of this situation - if it is possible at all (yes, you can spawn back a base, we had those insane discussions where defense was not allowed by some players and people were told to just leave and not fight instead because clearly that's why people play this game: to leave and not fight whenever they meet enemies of whatever numbers...).

It's simply impossible to stop large groups with a lot of volume of fire, that don't have any natural attrition because of medics and engineers having infinite ammo, heal and revive, which are all so fast you don't really get any window of opportunity to exploit.

Compare to PS1, where large groups could be bogged down, and taken out, picking them off one at a time or starved from ammo and medkits. In PS1, I and many others often single handedly defended a base against 8-15 players. Or at least stalled them. Although that took a lot of effort to do, BUT, it was possible. In PS2, you can't even leave the spawnroom in some of the buildings. Luckily the newer buildings have more cover, but too many simply don't provide any basic defense options. Just having pop-shacks isn't a defense.

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