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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by Crator View Post
I know right. I feel a resource nerf coming... Either they up the cost of things that use resources, they reduce the amount of resources you get, and/or they increase the tick-rate (amount of time) you get resources.
I still maintain what I said in Alpha that a timer and forcing the use of team-vehicles by not having many solo units be very powerful is more than enough.

Resources sounds nice at first, until you realise that you can't really campaign for resources and whatever empire is "lucky" to have more resources and thus expansion power, gets "more lucky". It's a bit of a domino-stacking effect.

Something from the previous page: Making changes to say Lightning speed won't stop traffic jams, since the tanks are played solo. Thus they're nothing more than mobile turrets. A mobile turret causes a traffic jam when it stops to fire.

It's as simple as that. It stands still. A lot.

Give a vehicle a dedicated driver and that driver will keep it moving because it got little else to do, unless it's camping. In which case you should make sure that a large stationary target is not only easily hit, it should suffer from attrition. So you shouldn't give its occupants super-fast, infinite repair...
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