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Re: How PhysX runs on Nvidia and AMD (ATI) systems

Originally Posted by JoCool View Post
AMD cards have another advantage, in general you can assume that you get more performance for your money. It has less advanced features. People knew about that trade-off when they bought it. They knew their cards could not process particles, flags, wind, cloth, etc. using PhysX, and that the NVIDIA cards had the potential for that.

Whining now about their own descision and asking for SOE to write their own physics engine (lol) or use a worse one or probably none at all (as in, no banners, no more particles, no cloth wind movements, etc) when a set / toolkit that has been developed for years and is already available is just outright ridiculous.

You know what. I'd want my Prowler to sport our future Outfit's flag. I want cloth banners hanging down the bases' walls, trees moving in the wind, water trails, water flashes, leaves bristling, a more alive environment.

Who would not want that? How can you still defend your point of not implementing such features but use mediocre ones?

Developing an own Physics engine could probably take years to even reach the level of the PhysX developer's toolkit.
Who said anything about them writing their own physics engine?
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