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I like your ideas Alot, They show alot of promise

However, i think some of them need to be toned down a bit or made more Original....Let me tell ya what i mean...

First the VS Hand cannon Is Way too strong....It's Anti-Anything. Lets say a Vanguard (or any tank) run into a Vs using this, One shot does 100ish damage(not much to a tank, but it adds up) and then Shuts the Weapons off with the EMP effect...Conclusion, Dead/useless Tank. Ok now situation Two, VS Hand cannon user Runs into a Surgile out in the feild or in a halway...He Shoots twice, the first shot drops the Surge and the Second kills it...It is now the Best infantry defense weapon in the game As well a Formidable Anti Tank(AV) weapon. It would be Cried and Whined over like no other in that it could use some revision

Next is the Other two Hand cannons,
*The TR one is basicaly a Scatercannon for a Non-MAX, It wouldn't hurt the game to much.....But do we realy want another shotgun weapon? Perhaps if the little "darts" had a small explosive effect or also sounds more like a NC weapon....But again thats just a matter of perspective
*The NC one Has the feel of the pre-nerf TR Thumper MAX...Basicaly a longer range or Linear path grenade/Rocket launcher....Its a Good idea, Alot like what he already have in the game...yet differant, Like a High output RPG.

Also before i move onto the Transports, You mentioned that the TR cannon would be fairly ineffective against max's, What about the NC Cannon? The Vs Cannon, due to its "Multi" grenade proporties would be HIGHLY effective against MAX, Just something to think bout....Making one empire Highly effective Against armor and the other weak against armor might be a problem

Ok, now onto the transports.....Well, um generaly these Sound like Gunships...Each Easily Twice as effective as the Deliverer....I don't know about your Experience's with the Deliverer, But it Tends to Eat just about Everything Pretty well....Making a Vehicle that has Even more Firepower then the Vanguard and the Deliverer Combined might not be the best idea....But it could work

The Legionnaire- Well i Can imagine you would see Some Realy Wicked Strafing runs on Base entrances and roads If i understand it corectly the two top mounted guns would be able to shoot at anything the the vehicles feild of vision(Front, back, Left, Right, and up) and the Port guns would only be able to shoot at their respective 180 degree arc...So at any given point you would only have 4 of the 6 guns shooting at you....Maybe too much Fire power, maybe not...4 20mm guns can Kill just about anything in seconds.

The Thunder- The way i understand em, this is the "weakest" of the 3...I'm not sure how Strong a 30mm Flak cannon or a flechette launcher i'll guess. I'm Picturing 2 Skyguard turrets, and a Beefy Firebird Rocket launcher....That sounds Cool, Maybe a Little to much Anti air....But heck, i don't like reavers much so, Hell Yeah! I like this one Alot, But please clarify the Weapons for me. And Also note that the TR Lego' has the potential of 4 guns pointed at ONE target and 2 Additional Guns to Defend its Flank...A Very Formidable defense, The Thunder Ony has 3 guns and one is Restricted to Forward only Fire...But like i said, Need to get an idea of the power of these guns first

The Scythe- Ok, The Revised one you posted is Very nice. I like it Alot and don't see any blatent Imbalances, So i only have a Suggestion: Why not make the Guns mounted to the "Corners" of the vehicle So that they can cover forward and aft of the ride, This also fits with the VS theme of flexibility.

Ok On a General Note, About the "Ejection" system, I Love this idea. These Transports Obviously Have a Huge amount of firepower, And the Verticle Ejection idea is a Great balance for this power. It puts you at at a Risk of the enemy knowing your posistion. Also it Opens up the posibility of Fast drops with a ground vehicle, Like the Galaxy. 200 meters might be a little too high tho...Maybe half that?

Good Stuff, Pas it along to the Devs and maybe it will inspire them to make Something Half as Cool as these
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