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First, about the VS Cannon. While I understand your concerns, I do not believe that they are totally founded in fact. While I am aware that the Jammer affect would make it a fairly powerful AV weapon, the fact is that many people are already carrying around hand-held Jammers as it is, especially with the new grenade ammo patch. When I was using the Prowler in the test server yesterday, I couldn't get into an area with a high amount of enemy infantry without being Jammered in less than 5 seconds. Yes, I also understand that this would be highly effective against Surgiles, but who cares? IMHO, Surgiles are cheating assholes, with a few exceptions.
Second, about the Shredder. The Shredder fits with the theme of the TR not because it is a fast-firing, low damage weapon, but because, like it's would-be users, it' sincredibly vicious. There's a difference between shotguns and flechettes: Shotguns blow people away, flechettes, when used in quantity, actually can 'vaporize' people, which is downright sick.
All three are fairly inneffective against MAXes: The Shredder the least and the NC handcannon the most. The MPGL is actually not that effective: Jammers have no effect against MAXes, and one grenade (1/2 Frag+1/2 Plasma=One Grenade) isn't excatly going to kill a MAX instantaneously.
In regard to the Legionnaire, you're probably right that it's more powerful than the other two transports, and quite powerful as a gunship in it's own right. But it's my belief that, if the Devs won't downgrade the VS and NC, they should at least buff the TR.
As I'd envisioned it, the Thunder's Flak Cannon fires not so much missiles as incredibly powerful AA cluster bombs. Does that answer your question?

THank you very much for your post .
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