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Re: John Smedley talks PlanetSide

Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
I screenshotted it. I'll be reposting it every time he deletes it, if he does.

I'd like to see him man the fuck up and have a Come-To-Jesus meeting about SOE's marketing.
Nope. not going to delete them. The only stuff I plan on deleting on my blog is any kind of hateful stuff. My son is old enough to play these games and to read blogs, so that's about the only stuff I'll delete. Not passionate opinions.

I won't disagree with anything you said except to say that at different points when running these games we have to make business decisions we aren't always happy with. I think we learned a lot from Planetside and I think you'll like the next one even better and we'll be able to make a believer out of you.

If you want me to comment on the marketing, have at it. I'm here.

And yes Hamma - this is me.. feel free to ping my email address at work if you want.

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