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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
It's not strawman
Actually, yes. That was a textbook strawman. You used the argument "One facet of one MAX was overpowered and bad design" to attack my argument of "All MAXes are marginalized by the over-availability of man-portable AV". You used a only vaguely related argument that you could knock down easily, the strawman, to attempt to discredit my statement.

if you make MAX's all powerful killing machines people will sit in them, just like they did with BFR's, people sit in them now and they're not exactly overpowered atm
No, you are correct. Neither are overpowered. Both are woefully underpowered. BFRs are a sad byproduct of a neat idea gone horribly awry and should be removed altogether. MAXes are a sad byproduct of a neat idea stomped on by cert proliferation.

The MAX was always intended to be the alpha unit in non-vehicle combat. With how easy it is for self healing, self repairing units to defeat them with a number of weapons, they have been, as stated before, marginalized. This is nowhere more obvious than the AI MAX. Intent: Powerful vs specific unit types. Result: Weaker than the units they are specifically designed to counter. This is contradictory at its core.

You seem to be arguing that Infantry should be more powerful than Anti-Infantry units. Is this what you're saying because this is how the game currently is. It's like medicine resistant infections and spray resistant bugs. A clear reversal of the intended design. If I'm wrong and you think Anti-Infantry units should be stronger than Infantry units, please say so.
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