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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Originally Posted by FIREk View Post
All infantry units should have _some_ sort of counter against MAX units and vehicles. Someone suggested grenades, which would supposedly be weak, but able to harm a MAX if timed right (let's say it's explode on contact).

Since all squishies can be hurt by anything, it would be unfair to make MAXes the only rock-paper-scissors unit, one that needs an exact counter in the form of a dedicated AV trooper or AV MAX.

Can you imagine defending a base entrance, when suddenly a MAX (or two) bust in through the main door and you have absolutely no means to do anything but run or hide? I would rather not...

I would prefer to hurt it, even if it's risky and won't do much damage (since I would be using a sub-par weapon).

Serious AV weapons should be limited to dedicated AV classes, but some counter to vehicles and MAXes should be available to anyone. A tank can't just waltz through infantry unmolested. Even if none are an AV class, a dozen infantry with pointed sticks should make a tank think twice before recklessly attacking them.
Any situation can be made to sound as bad (or good) if the right examples are used.

A well rounded team, attacking or defending, should always be stronger than a group of random, unorganized, players.

I.E. As you spawn, three people choose MAX load outs and head in the same direction. It would probably be best to grab your Engineer loadout/class and help repair them.

MAXs will almost always have an Engineer and/or Medic. MAXs will not be self sustaining in PS2. The counter should be to keep them from being healed/repaired.

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