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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

The biggest problem with AV in PS1 wasnt the fact that everyone could have it. Yes, this is true, but it was large and you couldnt carry much ammo for it especially if it was a second or third weapon in your backpack. Personally, I carried 1 Deci in every loadout and had a seperate loadout with all Pheonixes, nothing else. It worked well in PS1, giving me enough AV to take out a max if he was alone, or enough AV to take out a tank/multiple maxes if I had support.

The problem was that everyone wanted to be a superhero, running into CCs with their silly max suits all by themselves, or running around with their tank and just a gunner. No supporting elements helping them, and then they cried and felt weak and useless because they didnt value the usefullness of teamwork. Regardless of what people thought, the actuality of the game was that AV wasnt really very strong at all. It was the inability to work together that brought silly maxes down.

I've seen a group of guys in pajamas in a spawn room, freshly spawned, take out a max with their Suppressors (sp?) just by using standard ammo. I've also been one of those freshly spawned guys quick enough to run to the terminal, grab my standard Grunt loadout with 1 Deci and run off through a door before the max could turn fast enough to kill me, then swing back through and kill him without a thought. It was pitiful, yet the lone idiot sitting in a spawn room by himself or doing other similar stupid things thus whines about "balance" and why his super max suit cant stand up to a grunt is simply because of teamwork.

Learn it. Embrace it. Live it, and you will be much the better.
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