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Re: via Twitter: AA OP

I am a complete and utter skyguard whore. I actually like it more than flying now, which is probably a pretty decent indicator that's it's gone a bit too far. The real question is how to balance it without returning to where we came from - a pack of dedicated anti-aircraft units incapable of dropping a fighter on a pass.

Things I don't want to see:
  • A return to ridicu-recoil
  • Further reduction in rounds per magazine

Things I won't like but will probably have to happen:
  • Damage per round reduction

Things I think would be a better alternative:
  • Passive threat indicator on HUD - all aircraft on the continent receive obvious and continual spot data on any hostile skyguards that have been tagged with Q. Warning lights, buzzers, etc.
  • Threat radar module - when equipped, all active enemy skyguards show up on HUD

In the real world, AAA is deadly but very avoidable. That's not a bad model to emulate. If your ground team is spotting the lightnings, you should never be surprised by 40 rounds in your hull again.

Originally Posted by Sledgecrushr View Post
They really need to increase the flight ceiling so there is room above AA to operate.
This would also be a fantastic idea. Wholeheartedly supported.

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