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Re: One question to start...

Originally posted by Airlift
Did you get to fly a GALAXY?
Yes it was fun, a little cumbersome to fly but thats because it was huge... it was fun to pilot tho.

what personal weapons were you able to try both from the common pool and any empire specific ones? - i tried a bunch of weapons but i dont remember the names. I will have to look them up on the page eheh (about to sleep)

what were your impressions on some of the lighter small arms in as far as effectiveness and rate of fire? what about ammo reserves and usage? (ie: do you have to keep a ready ammo suppplier nearby?) - If your wasteful with ammo your gonna run out.. and when you run out your screwed. On the bright side if yo have a vehicle or are traveling with a squad you can keep extra supplies in the trunks of most vehicles. You can also loot the bodies, of your friendlys as well as enemies

I was TR so the weapons were very high Rate Of Fire, the supressor was a fun weapon.. i found that just about all weaponse were useful. But in the time i had there was no way i could experience everything.. hell we only played within a few bases on one continent

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