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Those guns DO infact look like they'll pack quite a punch, but will probably be incredibly hard to aim. First off, the description says the guns are for ground vehicles ( " The Galaxy utilizes two 75mm cannons in its gunner positions for point defense against ground vehicles. " ) so maybe they are intended to to aim at the ground . But when used for aerial vehicles, i assume they'll be hard to hit with. First off, you have your pilot, who is probably going to be doing some evasive maneuvering, meaning it will be hard to line up some shots (Anyone whos used the belly turret blaster in T2 probably has an idea about this). Secondly, the other craft will be moving around quite a bit as well. Add that together with the size of the masquito, and i can't picture too many shots hitting them...

But you know, all this discussion really doesn't mean anything, since no one has any idea about the game. Hell, the devs could get REALLY crazy (and stupid ) and make the masquito guns very heavy, or the armor on the galaxy not that good. Just have to wait and see...
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