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Originally posted by FireFrenzy
Those guns DO infact look like they'll pack quite a punch, but will probably be incredibly hard to aim. First off, the description says the guns are for ground vehicles
The idea that I'm getting from this is that a galaxy will have basically 2 tank guns on the sides (same size in centimeters as some one Main Battle Tanks I belive), it can fly, and carry people but it will probably not be nearly as tough as a tank / apc. I think putting guns this big on the sides of a transport is just a little too much, I think they should put faster shooting guns smaller cal. (for AA and to cut down the Anti Tank Capabilities). Maybe some thing like the guns on the lightning? Time will tell if they decide to keep these guns on the sides.

Originally posted by slytiger

If there were 4 galaxys going for a drop 2 can unload and the other 2 provide defence then they switch positions.
I think you would be better off to unload some of the people / tanks early and let them get to the drop zone at the same time as the other dropships to provide cover than using the guns. What I'm trying to say is I don't think that 4 big gun turrets (2 Galaxies) would be nearly as effective as a couple people, in coving a deployment, but of course the game isn't done yet so time will tell.
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