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Seabass your dead on the skeeter is not an attack ship. Its Fast recon and repare with a light cannon for defense. Before we knew of the Reaver and an unamed medium gunship it was our only fighter class ship so many think of it as a fighter not scout and repair, i think it will get its use as a reapir ship in the game, if ships can take a considerable amount of damage (4-20 rockets depending on ship) before going down, then the skeeters repair it when its half dead or what ever. If you want fire power the Reaver or the un named medium are better. The fact that the turrets on the Galaxy do have huge blind sopts does leave the Galaxy open, but a good pilot could manuvor so his gunners could have some shots at any skeeter hunting them, and with NO Armor, as we know, the skeeter does not seem like it could take many. Now a reaver back there chewing up with rockets will take it out. Of course we will have a better idea of how it all works when the game comes out.

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