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Originally posted by Tobias
Seabass your dead on the skeeter is not an attack ship. Its Fast recon and repare with a light cannon for defense.
Yea, but don't be suprised if many people make entire careers out of using the skeeter as an attack ship. Because it is the quickest and most manuverable ship if it has a even somewhat decent weapon, this will be the king of dogfighting.

Speed and manuverability (in the hands of a good pilot) trump everything else in dogfighting if there are no auto-aiming weapons.

Think of the number of people in tribes 1 / 2 that would spend the entire game in a scout harassing gunships, bombers, flag runners, and other scouts.

I hope they make a light fighter which is as manuverable or nearly so to the skeeter, but has more armor / firepower, but cannot repair itself and other vehicles. By doing so this would make the best airsupport group a couple skeeters for repairs a couple reavers for harden targerts and a couple of light fighters for general air suppression.
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