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Guys I think most of you are missing quite a few variables in these situation... 1) how often are you going to see Galaxies unescorted?? probably hardly ever... my guess is there will be 2-3 reavers for cover atleast 1 skeeter hanging back to heal and 2 or so going ahead to scout. 2) skill of the pilots... there are always people who can do the almost unaccomplishable... and there are also people who completely suck and couldnt play fps games if there life depended on it. 3) we just dont know enough about the ships yet to know what they will be able to do and 4) even if say the Galaxies or Skeeters are really powerful to begin with thats what beta is for... Im sure they will be nerfed to perform like they were designed to. In WW2 did they send in the bombers in alone? No they had escorts... Plus we have only seen 3 airships... im sure there is atleast 1 or 2 that will be empire only so thats another 3-6...

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