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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
200 MAX's and not a REK in sight
And nobody to res or repair the MAXes either. This leads to role inter-dependency. MAXes would be the central offense unit while small arms support units kept them up and provided role flexibility that MAX suis wouldn't allow. That was the point back in beta. MAXes were as scary as they were limited. They would eat your face off but once you were dead, they'd sit around not hacking or repairing. They required support units. Now they're paper tigers. Great dps but not that much more than HA and can be killed very easily with the standard loadout Deci.

I find it odd that a unit that can revive, hack and repair is also functionally stronger than a unit that is dedicated to offense against a single target. I blame cert proliferation and the mass tree combining that dev did right before launch.

One thing to remember about PS2, there will be no certs. Some items are unlocked but there won't be the cert wall to be used as a balancing foil. In time, the only thing stopping a rexo/ha/ from existing is spec based class barriers. When we get our first taste of how dev if doing loadout limits, we'll know if supersoldiers make it in or not.

And also who will and will not pre order.

edit: Re assaults vs engineers. What I'm expecting, and this is just conjecture, I imagine Rexo will have a heavy and light back slot. Light items (ma, bd, goo tube) for light or heavy and Heavy items (HA, AV) limited to the Heavy slot only. I'm thinking that swapping gear out of your inventory won't even be possible and swapping gear off of corpses will be a straight slot swap.
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