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Re: Another Artillery Thread

I get that you guys are trying to avoid the problems of the flail, but this is just overkill.

If you implemented artillery where 3 players do nothing but sit there and hold E for 10 seconds, every 30 seconds or so, NO ONE WILL USE IT. You might as well leave it out of the game.

And people suggest SPGs because a towed arty would be ridiculous. "Oh just let me cert into the tow hitch for the Sunderer so we can move this howitzer we spawned" Fun stuff.

I agree that it should take more than one person, and targeting should be limited with out support of some kind or expensive sidegrades.(ex. high-lvl cert into cam-guided shells, sacrificing damage and ammo capacity)

But leave Arty as an SPG, and don't have more than one damn reloader.
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