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Re: Another Artillery Thread

Originally Posted by OutlawDr View Post
Yep, making artillery a pain in the ass and unenjoyable is not the solution. Making it more 'realistic' doesn't address the standing gameplay issues that people have with artillery. The problem is that its indirect combat with a low skill ceiling that has the potential to deny large groups of players in an area from engaging in actual skilled gameplay. We need to address that first.
The only low-skill stuff I see is running around and just shooting.

Originally Posted by Gonzo View Post
I get that you guys are trying to avoid the problems of the flail, but this is just overkill.

If you implemented artillery where 3 players do nothing but sit there and hold E for 10 seconds, every 30 seconds or so, NO ONE WILL USE IT. You might as well leave it out of the game.

And people suggest SPGs because a towed arty would be ridiculous. "Oh just let me cert into the tow hitch for the Sunderer so we can move this howitzer we spawned" Fun stuff.

I agree that it should take more than one person, and targeting should be limited with out support of some kind or expensive sidegrades.(ex. high-lvl cert into cam-guided shells, sacrificing damage and ammo capacity)

But leave Arty as an SPG, and don't have more than one damn reloader.
You don't have to use it if you don't have the patience.

The SPG Flail was overpowered...because it was self propelled.
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